In addition to its permanent exhibits located at Stalinallee 91 in Berlin since 2004, museum holds several collections show at various exhibitions:

Museutopia, Karl Ernst-Osthaus Museum, Hagen 2002

Venice Biennale, 2003

“MoMA and Americans”,
Galerie 35, Berlin 2004


-“MoMA and Americans”
Kunsthaus Dresden, Dresden 2004

-“ Americans 64”
Venice Biennial (Arsenale), Venice 2005

-“Savremena umetnost u SAD”
Muzej savremene umetnosti, Belgrade 2006

-“Savremena americka umetnost”
SKC Gallery, Belgrade 2006

-“What is Modern Art?”
Kunsthus Bethanien, Berlin 2006

-”Documenta II”
Kunsthaus Dresden 2007

-”Savremena americka umetnost”
Galerija Nova, Zagreb 2007

-“50 ans d’Art aux Etats-Unis”
Lyon Biennial, Lyon 2007

-“Sites of Modernity”
Oberwelt Gallery, Stuttgart 2008

-“Kabinett der Abstrakten”
Halle fur Kunst, Lunneburg 2009

-“Savremena uetnost u SAD”
Istanbul Biennial, Istanbul 2009

-“Kabinett der Abstrakten”,
Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven 2009

-“Sites of Modernity”,
Van Abbemusum, Eindhoven 2010

-“The New American Painting”
Museo Tamayo, Mexico City 2010

xero, kline&coma, London 2011

-“The Making of Americans”
CUNY Graduate Center Gallery, New York 2011

-”Museum of Modern Art”
Times Museum, Guangzhou 2011

-“50 ans d’Art aux Etats-Unis”
Arnolfini, Bristol 2011

-”Le Fleurs Americaines”
Le Plateau, Paris 2012

-“50 ans d’Art aux Etats-Unis”
MCCA, Sevilla 2012

P420, Bologna 2013

-”A Story of Two Museums”
CUNY Graduate Center Gallery, New York 2014

-”Face to Face”
Garage Museum, Moscow 2015

-”Making Use”
Museum of Modern ArtWarsaw 2016

-”The Modern Canon”
Museum of Contemporaary Art, Ljubjana 2016

-”15 Polish Painters”
Zacheta, Warsaw 2016

-”Seth Siegelaub – Exhibitions”
Hessel Museum of Art, Bard College 2016

-”Moscow Diaries”
Museum of Modern Art, Moscow 2017

-”New Spnish Painting and Scculpture”
MCCA, Sevilla 2017

-”Americans in Moscow 1959”
HKW, Berlin 2017

-”XX Century Masterpieces”
HKW, Berlin 2017